If you have lived in the UK and moved overseas you may be considering your international retirement planning options, and specifically what you should do with the pension you have left behind in the UK.

A Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) is a type of pension plan that is highly flexible and allows you to take control of your own investment decisions when saving for your retirement. If you no longer live in the UK, an International SIPP allows you to transfer and consolidate benefits from a UK registered pension scheme easily and efficiently, while still protecting you under UK regulations.

Although you are no longer UK resident, it may not have occurred to you that your UK pension might still be subject to UK taxation. The good news is that you can simplify your affairs by transferring your UK pension.

An International SIPP for expats gives you the ability to hold assets that are appropriate for international clients and also in other currencies, yet still meet the key UK Regulatory requirements.


Many individuals moved their pension into a QROP (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension), expecting that this would put them in control of the investment decision, not realising that a SIPP might have been a better solution. With the new tax treatment of a QROP, this vehicle will usually not be desirable to move your pension into.

If you started a QROP during the pension transfer “ boom” and want to confirm that your fees and investment recommendation were fit for purpose, kindly contact us for a consultation.

Whether your QROP is domiciled in Malta, Gibraltar, Guernsey or any of the other jurisdictions, contact us by clicking on the link below and we will do an analysis of your situation.

Whether you need to take control of your retirement by transferring to a SIPP or your existing QROP is domiciled in Malta, Gibraltar, Guernsey or any of the other jurisdictions, contact your nearest ProFin regional office.



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