Open Architecture Wealth Solution


This type of solution provides a unique opportunity which offers clients the ability to invest in a wide choice of global equities, ETFs, index trackers, discretionary managed funds, REITs, artificial intelligence investment funds (AI), structured notes, fixed income all under one secure administrative platform.

Clients receive highly competitive costing and access to institutional share classes and funds not normally available to individual investors. Retail investors are treated as if they are institutional investors, with the resulting increase in potential growth.

Our global partners provide state-of-the-art platforms backed by impeccable credit ratings and decades of experience. Operating from international jurisdictions which provide confidentiality and security, open architecture allows you to house all your investment assets in one jurisdiction and through the appointment of defined beneficiaries you can avoid the emotional anguish and unnecessary burden of having to go through probate in various jurisdictions in the event of an untimely death.

We work closely with our clients to tailor make an appropriate investment strategy based on their current financial position, risk tolerance and investment objectives. This personalized approach allows clients to take advantage of international investment opportunities in a secure environment. Current assets already owned can be freely moved into an open-architecture solution.

Our access to instant equity trading ensures that all buy/sell trades are secured at current market prices and that clients are not prejudiced during volatile market conditions.

This unique service is unrivaled in the African market.

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