Education Funding

The Most Valuable Gift you can give:

As a parent it’s a natural instinct to want the best for your children. Apart from the parental guidance you give them throughout their lives, the benefit of a quality education is perhaps the greatest gift you can ever give. A good higher education can open the door for your children to a wide choice of careers and thereby providing the foundation for a prosperous future with a higher earnings potential.

An investment in your children’s future is likely to be one of the most important investments you will ever make. Planning in advance will ensure that you will have peace of mind and that your children’s future is secure. Education costs are increasing at a higher rate than inflation which makes it more important to start early to ensure their future. In addition to education you will need to plan for accommodation and living expenses, which are often overlooked. After purchasing a home, the second most expensive expense in one’s life is children’s education so saving early and planning effectively is essential.

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