There is a wide spectrum of financial instruments out there: Bonds, Multi-Currency Deposits, Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, Stocks & Equities, ETFs, Property REITS, Structured Notes, and other alternative investments.

The choices can be confusing and many questions remain unclear for most investors:

  • Which are right for you?
  • Which should you avoid?
  • Which geographic areas should you focus on?
  • Which asset classes should you have more or less of?
  • Are your investments free from taxation?
  • What will the impact be if you move countries?
  • How simple is it to transfer your assets to your beneficiaries?

These are just some of the questions that we can help you answer. After assessing your risk appetite and investment time horizon, we can help you determine the appropriate vehicle in which you can hold the asset(s) of your choice.

You may also require flexibility, as your current circumstances may change in the future, so this important factor is also discussed at the outset.

We can also review your existing portfolio and give you an opinion on it, such as:

  • Is it correlating to your risk profile?
  • Are you overexposed to certain asset classes?
  • Would it be more cost effective to consolidate these to one portfolio structure? and so on.

Whether you are seeking growth, capital preservation or a combination, there are several options available
that enable you to customise your portfolio to suit your own requirements, and manage your wealth with flexibility.

For a confidential and in-depth discussion on investment opportunities and wealth creation, contact your nearest ProFin regional office.



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